The problem. If you think about it, what can any one person (such as a politician) do to save native white people? Apart from most not wanting to, it is impossible! We cannot do anything. Not a single person, not even the Queen can say or do anything to save native white people. As soon […]

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The problem with Hitler is that it is not the 6 million Jews that he ordered the killing of or for example the 150 skeletal specimens of Jews that were ordered by Dr Sievers for the Ancestral Heritage Institute in Germany, from alive and kicking Jewish Bolshevik commissars who were subsequently killed for their skeletons […]

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Advanced primitives.

How can Americans be natives or primitives? They are not native Americans and they are the most advanced people on Earth. What about if they could be advanced primitives? That is like two sides of a perfect coin, advanced scientifically but primitive philosophically? Like if the people who made smart phones were like Buddhist or […]

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On Earth as in heaven.

Nativism and primitivism are the following. Most people want something Bill Gates has, that being money. For example normal people fantasise that if only Bill Gates could spare even just one million dollars for them. Because everybody wants something something Bill Gates has therefore he wins, he is everything and he is important and therefore […]

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Trance and techno 4.

Trance and techno 4. (June-July 2019). 9V (Original Mix), Chris Von B. Choice of angels, John O’Callaghan. Bass Against Time (Extended mix), Serjan. Kingdom of Heaven (Original mix), Danny Eaton. Landmark (Club mix), Solaratone, Lostly. Now I Can Breathe Again (Extended Remix), Simon Patterson, feat. Lucy Pullin, Greg Downey. Observer (Original Mix), Tycoos. Caramel (Extended […]

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Trance and techno 3.

Trance and techno 3. (June-July 2019). 1997 (Extended Mix), BT, Ferry Corsten. 22 (Original Mix), I Am Bam. Alba (Ashley Wallbridge Extended Remix), Super 8. Another Day Without You (Extended Mix), Linnea Schossow, Raphael Osmo. Ascension (Extended Mix), Vintage & Morelli. Summer’s Gone (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix), Aldous The One (Original Mix), Magic Mizrahi, […]

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Trance and techno 2.

Trance and techno 2. (June-July 2019). Bifrost (Extended Mix), Nikolauss, Starpicker. 9V (Original Mix), Chris Von B. Now I Can Breathe Again (Extended Remix), Simon Patterson, feat. Lucy Pullin, Greg Downey. Brethren (Original Mix), UMEK. Odyssey (Original Mix), Irregular Synth. Caramel (Extended Mix), Marco V. Drop Two, (Extended Mix), Sean Tyas, Niko Zografos. Aurora (Extended […]

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