On Earth as in heaven.

The richest man in the world.

Most people want something Bill Gates has, that being money. For example normal people fantasise that if only Bill Gates could spare even just one million dollars for them, it would be trivial for him being the world’s richest man. Because everybody wants something something Bill Gates has therefore he wins, he is important and, therefore, there is inequality between everybody and him, between wanters and wanted. Bill Gates can only probably have genuine relationships or friendships with other millionaires or billionaires because they genuinely do not desire anything he has. Therefore is being a billionaire a blessing or a curse? However, people who practice the hypothesis of the reversal of divine merit of nativism and primitivism, even though they are literally nothing more than a hundredaire, tenaire or even a oneaire, they literally do not want or desire anything Bill Gates has, therefore, he does not win and, therefore, there is equality between practitioners of nativism and primitivism and Bill Gates. To reiterate, everybody down here on Earth wants something Bill Gates has, therefore he wins and he is important. Therefore imagine if everybody on the planet practiced the hypothesis of the reversal of divine merit of nativism and primitivism and had no desire for anything Bill Gates has, he would not win, he would not be important and he would be normal. This is exactly what happens in the afterlife, because of the fact that the main priorities in life are eliminated, that is we do not require food or water, hence in heaven we do not require money, therefore, not a single one of us in heaven desires anything Bill Gates has, therefore he does not win, he is not important and he is very normal. This is what nativism and primitivism do, that being we should do on Earth as in heaven. Amen.

Bill Gates.
Bill Gates, the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation and the richest man on Earth.